Andrysco & Associates, Inc.
Certified Public Accountants

We service:
  - Privately owned business
  - Start-up enterprises
  - Established companies
  - Home-based businesses

Our clients include:
  - Manufacturers
  - Distributors
  - Service organizations
  - Retail establishments
  - Law firms
  - Real estate developers
  - Rental properties
  - Not-for-profit
  - Consulting firms
  - Fullfillment companies
  - Insurance agents
  - Real estate agents

Other CPA Firms

The services that Andrysco & Associates, Inc. offers can be of significant benefit to other CPA firms in complying with current auditing standards. Specifically, our firm has found a niche assisting the audit clients of other firms by providing accounting and bookkeeping services to those clients, services that could not be provided by the audit firm itself due to prevailing independence standards that are in effect.

Under this arrangement, Andrysco & Associates, Inc. not only does the mundane bookkeeping chores, but we also take care of the year-end clean-up work, and we assemble a complete set of supporting year-end workpapers for the client. This allows the audit firms to perform a highly efficient audit without worrying about possible violation of the independence standards, and this helps the auditor to avoid needing to issue a "material weakness" letter to their client. The result is a highly profitable audit engagement for the CPA firm.

The reason this has worked so well is the fact that we are experienced auditors ourselves, so we know exactly what documentation the auditors will need when they begin their audit work. We have found that this arrangement has worked particularly well with not-for-profit audit clients.

If this arrangement is of interest to your firm, we welcome you to contact us so we can answer your questions and provide you with more details.